KREBS SWISS stands for
proven technology ....


.... for the chloralkali industry

KREBS SWISS owned technologies and had long and comprehensive experience in the development of industrial application of process technologies for the production of a varity of chemical products for the chloralkali industry.

KREBS SWISS also offered chloralkali technology based on electrolysers which were obtained from leading licensors.

Brine Purification / Ion Exchange Unit

...for the production of salt for chemical and human consumption

As an alternative to the conventional brine preparation technology KREBS SWISS developed a salt purification and upgrading process which was commercialised under the brand name of SALEX®. A number of SALEX® plants were implemented for the production of salt for industrial processing and for food grade salt.

Salt Upgrading Plant

Typical contracts were a grassroots plant for Thai Organic Chemical Company, Thailand with monopolar membrane cell electrolyzers, for Borregaard Industries, Norway, a replacement of mercury cells by bipolar membrane electrolysis cells, for Uniteca, Portugal, the engineering in connection with the replacement of mercury cells by bipolar membrane electrolysis cells

...commercial proven technology, like these chloralkali electrolysis plant with bipolar electrolyzers in Norway.



...for the dewatering organics by membrane separation

KREBS SWISS developed a highly efficient chamber type pervaporation system which allows the application of pervaporation in cases in which conventional module constructions fail. This module is protected by US and European patents. Patents are pending in other countries. One typical application of the technology is dewatering of organics.

Chamber Type High Efficiency Pervaporation Module