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TITLE: Can China emerge as a major player in the Asia-Pacific salt market?
AUTHOR(S): Sedivy, V.M.
LOCATION: Krebs Swiss, Zurich, Switzerland
JOURNAL: Proceedings of the 12th Industrial Minerals International Congress, Chicago
EDITOR: O'Driscoll, M.J.
DATE: April 1996
PAGES: 23-29
PUBLISHER: Industrial Minerals Information Ltd, Worcester Park, Surrey, UK
ISBN: 1 900663 03 1
ABSTRACT: Until 1987, China supplied some 10% of the Japanese industrial salt annual requirement. Since 1988, Chinese salt exports to Japan became insignificant with poor salt quality frequently blamed as being one of the reasons. What is the quality of the Chinese salt today? Coud the salt be upgraded or refined economically to meet the standards required by the Japanese chloralkali industry? What market segments could be accessible for the Chinese upgraded salt? What other measures would have to be taken for China to gain access to the Asia-Pacific salt market? Krebs Swiss has investigated these questions. The conclusions are discussed in the paper.

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