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January 30, 1997:


Krebs Swiss has signed a contract with The Israel Salt Company (Eilat) Ltd. for the supply of technology and key equipment for a salt iodization and conditioning plant.

The advanced SALEX-RT salt refining technology of Krebs Swiss has been selected by Israel Salt Co. for their modernization project. The Krebs Swiss SALEX-RT plant will economically process solar sea salt to produce highest quality, free flowing, refined table salt containing additives such as iodine, fluorine, etc. The capacity of the plant will be 35 t/h. Krebs Swiss supplies the know-how, basic engineering and special, high precision machinery. The startup of the plant is expected in the second quarter of 1997. The contract represents the fourth order for the Krebs Swiss SALEX salt processing technology in Israel and the eighteenth world-wide.

The SALEX-RT process will significantly improve the quality of salt produced by Israel Salt Co. in Eilat and strengthen its position as a leading table salt manufacturer and exporter. The purified, dried, screened and conditioned SALEX-RT salt has a brilliant white appearance, excellent free flowing properties and a long shelf life. Iodine, fluorine and other trace elements and additives will be added to salt with high accuracy to guarantee uniform blend. Application of a wide choice of salt conditioning additives will be possible in wet or in powder form to facilitate maximum flexibility in fulfilment of ever changing customer requirements. The SALEX-RT technology will ensure the stability of the salt and additive blend even after packing, transportation and storage.

Salt iodization is the principal measure of abatement of goitre, the main manifestation of iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) world-wide. Fluorine in salt helps to control tooth decay. The unique capabilities of the SALEX-RT technology have been recognised by many salt producers and Krebs Swiss expects further orders for SALEX-RT plants to follow.

SALEX is an advanced salt processing technology that finds application in solar saltworks, in refined table and cooking salt production, in caustic/chlorine and soda ash plants and in salt mining operations. SALEX plants have been successfully completed or are under construction in Portugal, in Spain, in the Middle East, in Pakistan and in India.

Krebs Swiss is an independent firm of chemical engineering contractors and consultants, active in the field of salt processing, chloralkali production and membrane separation technologies. Krebs Swiss' world-wide reputation is based on more than 50 years of experience gained in over 200 projects executed in all continents.