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June 11, 1996:


KREBS SWISS / Krebs & Co. Ltd., Zurich, Switzerland has the pleasure to announce the award of a turn key contract for the modernisation of the existing chloralkali plant at Sarpsborg, Norway, of Borregaard, a member of the Orkla Group. Borregaard is an inte rnational chemicals company with strong global positions in selected niches of organic chemicals and speciality pulp, and has a number of production units and sales offices in Europe, the USA and Asia.

The existing mercury cell electrolysis plant of Borregaard, will be closed down and replaced by a modern environmental friendly membrane cell electrolysis plant with a capacity of 125 tpd caustic soda. The caustic soda produced in the plant will be used in Borregaard's own factories, while the chlorine will be processed to hydro- chloric acid.

For the production of caustic soda and chlorine the State-of-the-Art Bipolar AZEC-B1 Electrolyzer technology of Asahi Glass Co. Ltd. Japan will be applied. The technology features a very high standard of operational safety and reliability. Asahi Glass is the worlds leading licensor of membrane cell technology.

This is a further chloralkali project jointly executed by Krebs Swiss and Asahi Glass after the previous award of contracts by Travancore Cochin Chemicals Co. Ltd., India and Thai Organic Chemicals Co. Ltd. Thailand.

KREBS SWISS is an independent company of chemical engineering consultants and process plant contractors, well known in the chloralkali and salt industry, with an impressive record of projects completed in most parts of the world, many as repeat orders from satisfied clients.

Krebs Swiss is also active in membrane separation and pervaporation technologies.