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May 24, 1996:


KREBS SWISS / Krebs & Co. Ltd., Zurich, Switzerland announces the award of a contract for the supply of know-how, engineering and equipment for a complete chlorine drying and filtration plant through Messrs. Toyo Thai Corporation Ltd., Thailand, to Thasco Chemical Co. Ltd., Thailand. The drying plant is a part of the Chlorine Expansion Project of Thasco Chemical Co. Ltd.

The technology, developed by KREBS SWISS / Krebs & Co. Ltd, Zurich, was selected because it represents the most advanced and economic chlorine drying process presently available.

The chlorine drying system consists of two towers, a packed column and a specially designed bubble cap tray column. Concentrated sulphuric acid is used as drying medium. The technology provides significant advantages over a conventional chlorine drying system, such as lower investment cost for equipment and building, besides lower operating cost and high drying efficiency.

The plant will be designed for a capacity of 300 tons per day of chlorine gas. The dried chlorine gas will be utilised for the manufacture of PVC.

Krebs has been awarded with the above contract shortly after receipt of another order for the supply of a 600 tpd chlorine drying plant to Indonesia.

KREBS SWISS is an independent company of chemical engineering consultants and process plant contractors, well known in the chloralkali and salt industry, with an impressive record of projects completed in most parts of the world, many as repeat orders from satisfied clients.

Krebs Swiss is also active in membrane separation and pervaporation technologies.