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April 14, 1996:


Krebs Swiss announces the coming into force of a contract with Travancore-Cochin Chemicals Ltd. (TCC) for the supply of a salt upgrading plant to be built in the TCC caustic / chlorine production facility at Udyogamandal, India.

Earlier, in 1995 TCC embarked on a project to expand the capacity of their existing mercury electrolysis using new membrane cells. Membrane cells are known to require higher purity of brine than mercury cells. TCC therefore decided to purify the locally available solar sea salt to produce high quality electrolytic grade feedstock.

In an international bidding competition, the advanced SALEX-B salt upgrading process of Krebs Swiss has been selected by TCC for the project on the bases of best overall economy and superior performance proven in a number of reference plants. The capacity of the TCC SALEX-B plant will be 40 t/h. Krebs Swiss will supply the know-how, basic engineering and special machinery. Detail engineering services will be provided by Humphreys & Glasgow Consultants. The contract represents the eighth order for the Krebs Swiss SALEX salt processing technology in India and the twentieth in the world.

At the TCC chloralkali plant at Udyogamandal, the electrolytic brine is treated with barium carbonate, caustic lye and soda ash. With upgrading of salt in the SALEX-B plant, the cost of brine purification chemicals will be reduced by about 75% compared to operation with raw salt without upgrading. The savings will pay the capital investment back in less than 2 years. TCC expects to enjoy additional advantages such as elimination of "magnesium peaks", reduction of mercury butter formation, less mercury contaminated sludge and reduced danger of irreversible damage to the membranes due to impurities from salt. Because of the unique capabilities of the SALEX technology and its benefits to chloralkali producers, Krebs Swiss expects further orders for SALEX plants to follow.

SALEX is an advanced salt processing technology finding application in caustic / chlorine and soda ash plants, in refined table and cooking salt production, in solar saltworks and salt mining operations. SALEX plants have been successfully completed or are under construction in Portugal, in Spain, in the Middle East, in Pakistan and in India.

Krebs Swiss is an independent firm of chemical engineering contractors and consultants, active in the field of salt processing, chloralkali production and membrane separation technology. Krebs Swiss world-wide reputation is based on more than 40 years of experience gained in over 200 projects executed in all continents.