KREBS SWISS: Chemical Plants

Brine Preparation and Purification

Since most chloralkali electrolysis plants built with KREBS SWISS technology are operated with brine prepared from local salt, the experts are familiar with the particularities of the salts available in many different countries. They can thus optimise the concept for any particular brine preparation and purification plant. The team's experience guarantees optimum results independent of whether the feedstock is vacuum salt, solar sea salt or rock salt, or whether it is fed to mercury or membrane cells. Specialists will evaluate the most economical alternatives for some or all of the following process steps:

  • primary dechlorination
  • secondary dechlorination
  • saturation
  • chemical treatment
  • clarification
  • primary filtration
  • secondary filtration
  • ion exchange purification

Brine Purification Ion Exchange Unit designed by Krebs Swiss


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