Krebs Swiss Chloralkali Technologies & Chemical Plants

The technology is available from:

GEA Messo AG

GEA Messo AG
Bürglistrasse 29
CH 8400-Winterthur

Phone:   + 41 (0)52 234 00 00
Fax :       + 41 (0)52 234 00 99

Contact Person:
Mr. Claus Gerrath
Product Line Manager Chloralkali Technology
Phone direct:   +41 (0) 52 234 00 12
Mobile Phone: +41 (0) 79 273 74 60

Mr. C. Gerrath, Product Line Manager GEA Messo Ltd


Krebs Swiss Chloralkali / Chemical Technologies

More than 50 clients in more than 20 countries selected chloralkali technology from KREBS SWISS.

KREBS SWISS was playing an important role in the development of the chloralkali industry in various parts of the world. KREBS SWISS was co-operating closely with leading licensors.

  • Chloralkali Electrolysis
  • Chlorine Processing and Handling
  • Brine Preparation and Purification
  • Iron(III) chloride Production
  • Production of Inorganic Chemicals




















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